Ionic Foot Detox Reviews

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Ionic Foot Detox Reviews
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Ionic Foot Detox Reviews


Ionic foot detox is a relatively new approach to help people rid their body of harmful toxins that get into the body through food, water and the air we breathe. With this technology, the feet are soaked in a water tub that is charged with ions that neutralize toxins in the body. While the benefits of ionic foot detox are quite alluring, their review by users is diverse. In this article, we’ll be going through the general verdict on ionic foot detox in an objective and informed manner.

How does Ionic Foot Detox work?

Ionic foot detox is based on the principles of ionization. The general idea is that the machine generates positively charged ions that attach themselves to the toxins in the body, which have negatively charged ions. When the ions are bound, the detox machine utilizes electrolysis to create an exchange of ions between them. This causes the toxins to dissolve and release into the water, which is visible as a change in colour.

Positive Reviews

A majority of users that have tried ionic foot detox have had positive experiences with it. Some of the most mentioned benefits include; improved energy levels, pain relief and a general feeling of wellness. Most users claim to notice an immediate change in their body after just one session.

One user reported that after just one session, she felt an immense sense of lightness in her body, which was something she had not felt in a long time. Another user praised her improved sleeping habits after regular ionic foot detox sessions.

Negative Reviews

While there are positive reviews of ionic foot detox, there’s also a group of people that claim it’s a hoax. Some of the negative reviews stem from the fact that many people have experienced the same benefits with simple foot soak solutions, without having to spend money on the ionic foot detox machine.

Other negative reviews claim that the change of colour in the water is attributed to the rusting of the metal plates in the machine that sends the ions into the water. This is an explanation that has been refuted by many manufacturers, but the scepticism persists.

Even with negative reviews, it is important to note that individual experiences are relative. It would be unfair to wholly dismiss the effectiveness of ionic foot detox based on just a few negative reviews.

Expert Opinion

Medical experts have not come to a consensus on the impact of ionic foot detox on the body. Some experts claim that the body already has a built-in mechanism for detoxification, which makes the entire process a hoax.

Dr. Ben Kim, a respected Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and Nutritionist, stands out with his support for ionic foot detox. According to him, the feet are an excellent point to start detoxification since they are an entry point for many toxins. He maintains that the machine is effective in facilitating the body’s natural cleansing properties and works towards creating a holistic wellness plan.

Pros and Cons

As with any technology, ionic foot detox has its pros and cons.


• Immediate results

• Pain relief

• Improved sleep

• General wellness

• Enhanced immune system

• Improved blood circulation


• Expensive

• Lack of scientific research

• Skepticism


Ionic foot detox can be an excellent addition to your overall wellness plan, mainly if you’re looking to boost detoxification and improve your immune system. Though there are negative reviews present, individual experiences of people vary. It’s crucial to be open-minded about the results and accept them, whether positive or negative. Ultimately, the best way to know if ionic foot detox works for you is to try it out for yourself.